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*Please note that only classes called “warm” or “hot” are heated. 


Yoga Basics

This is an excellent introductory class for beginners or those wanting to work on the basics of asana (poses), pranayama (breathwork), & meditation. This class offers lots of detailed instruction and modifications.

Beginner Hot Yoga

A beginner friendly 60 minute foundational heated flow session (90 degrees) that offers an invigorating practice at a very reasonable pace with detailed instruction & modifications. Open to all!

Flow Yoga

 A fluid, vigorous practice where poses are linked together to create a seamless “vinyasa” flow. Flow classes balance movement, strengthening and stretching to rejuvenate the body and clear the mind. Our flow classes follow a mountain approach, moving from simpler to more complex and then onto relaxation. Each flow class is unique and different everytime.

Flow 1

A great place to start after Yoga Basics – or for those that want a little more vigor than Basics. This is a moderately vigorous Beginner-friendly class. You will move, balance, strengthen and de-stress, while learning to how to kick up or dial down the poses. Great as a regular practice or as preparation for more vigorous classes (such as Flow level 1-2 or all levels Hot Flow.)

Flow Mixed Levels

A challenging, rejuvenating vinyasa flow. More vigorous than Flow 1 and builds up to more challenging postures, but there are always easier modifications taught and encouraged.

Warm Flow Mixed Levels

A Flow 1-2 experience with the room lightly heated (low 80’s).

Hot Flow

Poses from various styles of yoga link together to create a fluid, mind-body workout. Temperature in low 90’s. Vigorous. Modifications for all levels.

Warm Power Flow

This class is a lightly heated (low 80’s) level 2 Flow class that works up to a higher level of vigor with more challenging variations of postures demonstrated. Modifications are provided.

Hot Core Power Flow

A vigorous session that focuses on building and engaging your core strength to support you on and off the mat. Modifications given for beginners, but yoga experience recommended. Level 2

Hot Power Hour

One of our most challenging classes! Always different and always flowing. This session weaves in fun transitions and Level 2/3 multi peaks and valleys, but always ends with peaceful pranayama and a sweet Savasana.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a thorough approach to asana (posture) practice, rooted in a solid tradition and carries with it the strength of thousands of years. It presents postures in sequential series and incorporates movement synchronized with breath.

Ashtanga Mixed Levels

Students are guided closely through postures found in the traditional primary series, with additional exploratory postures found outside Ashtanga. Modifications are offered for students of varied levels.

Hot Ashtanga Flow

The Ashtanga Primary series is used as inspiration and this class is modified for 90 degree heat. Vigorous but modifiable for varied levels.

Hatha Yoga

hathaHatha Yoga at Full Circle Yoga presents classic poses and breathing techniques, drawing on an eclectic mix of yoga styles.

Hatha Mixed Levels

Moderately vigorous, with attention given to accommodating individual needs and levels of fitness.  Longer holds, eclectic variety of postures.

Hot Hatha Vinyasa

Hatha set to heat (90 degrees). Modifications for all levels.

Prenatal & Mommy with Baby Yoga

momClasses especially geared toward the needs of expecting women and new mothers.


Includes work on breath awareness, flexibility, and strength to help make pregnancy more comfortable and prepare the body for birth. Open to all levels.

Mom & Baby

New mothers bring their babies to this fun class with no prior yoga experience required. Gentle yoga poses help regain muscle tone and strength after giving birth. Includes some yoga for the babies too. Only babies who are not yet crawling, please.

Kids Yoga

kidsIt’s never too early to begin your yoga practice! We lay a foundation for a life-long, healthy practice. Our children are our co-creators, therefore, everyone will have the opportunity to express themselves. During this class, we will practice our asanas in the forms of animal adaptations such as slithery cobra pose, monkey and ROAR in lions pose, just to name a few!

Kids Yoga is offered opposite adult classes on Saturdays* from 11am-12pm in Studio C for ages 5-10 years. $10 per child or $40 for 6-pack of kids classes that can be shared between siblings (1 year expiration). Adult class is held at the same time next door in studio B.

*Please note that the 2nd Saturday of every month is Kids AcroYoga (see description below).

Kids AcroYoga

Offered once per month, join Kids Yoga Teacher and Certified AcroYoga Teacher Sarah Burnett the SECOND SATURDAY OF EVERY MONTH for a fun and playful class (held in place of our regular Kids Yoga), 11am-12pm. Students will work together to make fun shapes and poses as they learn how to base, fly and spot in a safe environment. No experience necessary. Kids Yoga pricing (above) applies.

Yin Yoga

Yin is a quiet, relaxing practice. This class consists of a series of long, slow postures that target the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis and lower spine. Poses are held from 1-5 minutes long.

Yin/Yang Yoga

This is a unique blend of vigor and deep, still, stretches. We start out with a “yang” practice, a vigorous vinyasa flow sequence, followed by a series of Yin postures.

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